Thursday night FTC & Skate Book were giving away these

Kelch and Salman were holding it down out front

And Ballard too

Hustle Jamie showed up early style

Turf Rob came through to support Poppa Turf

Looking good!

I love it when this happens!

These guys were in the front of the line

Which is good cause it got kinda thick

Kelch and Cab!

Let the signing begin

Cab gets some

Rick Ibaseta

There's a lot of awesome things going on in this photo

Hoya with a little blue steel

Rob & Reija


As the day faded into night, the photos got artsy. Tony Vitello & Danny Brady

Matt Jones & Goto

Pretty amazing how the camera mimicked my eyesight for this shot. Photo powered by Sparks.

Fastforward 24 hours to the Vans Syndicate release party

Some buttery hot shit for all you shoe fans

Isaac from Slap

Rip Zinger

Matt D

John Cardiel!!!

Max autographs

Nice lineup


Real reunion


Sam Smyth


Jabari demonstrates a recipe for blow-ass


Eric D & Jim T

This is the money shot right here, Poppa Olson is still the king!