All great treasures need a story. Without a story to accompany these gems, the onlooker may miss its significance, move on, and never fully appreciate what they discovered. A few weeks ago, I was entertaining a friend from the past. In true San Francisco skate fashion, I took him to all the spots (skateable or not skateable), introduced him to burritos, showed off our nightlife, and generally did some catching up- after all, it had been thirteen years since we had last seen one another. One of the things I decided to do was take him (and myself) on a trip down memory lane in the form of breaking out the box of VHS cassettes containing old footage of myself. I discovered two things on my journey into the land of rewind.  One: that I can no longer backside flip as well as I once had and two: that I unknowingly possessed a very rare and underground skate video made by Trevor Prescott called “The Flavor.” It was understandably easy to overlook. The cassette wasn’t labeled. Instead it had a “Legalize Skateboarding” sticker on it and was dubbed over a Stereo promo (shows you what we thought of that promo) and finally, the fact that it was in the wrong box made it completely camouflaged amongst tons of unwatchable 411s, lackluster Thrasher tapes, and Logic videos I wish my dog had used as a chew toy. The Flavor video was made around the time FTC Three came out. Much of the footage is leftover from that project. I think this is the first independent vid that Trevor created in San Francisco. You can tell by watching it that Trevor was beginning to sharpen his skills both behind the camera and in the editing chair. It turns out my trip down memory lane turned into much more with this discovery. I owe a lot to Trevor. He always wanted me to have stuff in his videos. Some filmers and skateboarders like to be greedy with their spots, but this was never the case with him. He would always take you to any of the hundreds of spots he had mapped in his brain. Instead of considering it blowing up a spot, he looked at it as sharing. Finding this video also reminds me that great things can start small, and it is easier than you think to make an impact on the scene around you. Thanks Trevor.

-Shawn Connolly